Moneiba Rota


Can you imagine an archipelago composed by a number of seven little island right in the middle of the Atlantic ocean in which through the centuries a single language was spoken and written and where even nowadays no transliteration to our language is known?

An archipelago in which aboriginals were living until the Conquer on the 15th Century. Unaware of the existence of metal, they had their own culture, traditions and exclusive religion in each and every one of the islands? These are the Canary Islands.

In this project I recovered an ancient writing from Canarian aboriginals, belonging to the alphabet “tifinagh”. It is not a typography by itself, although I took some references as for proportion and design of this subject. Its use is specially appropiate on a research and scientific field expecting to be an alive project which keeps on a constant expansion and inspection.

“Moneiba Regular” and “Moneiba Rota” exist by now.
Its name is dedicated to a female deity by excellence of “El Hierro” island, Moneiba.



Academic world (End of Degreee Project – Graphic design).


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