There are about 12.000 different described ant species in the world, although it is believed that the number could ascend more of 22.000 from which just about 300 could be found in Spain. They have colonised almost every corner of the planet, and it is estimated that they form around 20% of all biomass of terrestrial animals.

Since 2011, I’ve been working at the cover design for Iberomyrmex, the annual newsletter for the AIM (Iberic myrmecology assotiation by his abreviation in spanish), whose principal purpose is to spread knowledge about formicids family, best known as ants. At this moment I’m the layout manager as well.

In this science thematic magazine the biggest experts at myrmecology of the spanish outlook, taking place all kind of discoveries and curiosities of the ant world to put in value its huge ecological importance.



AIM (Asociación Ibérica de Mirmecología)


· Cover design
· Design and layout design



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