Hello! My name is Natalia, I am an editorial designer and I love my work.

Here you have me to find the solution you’re looking for.

Let´s start

|Editorial Design

My speciality is editorial design. Whether you're an autor, gallery art, a publishing house... I will be able to give you a solution to your book, magazine or catalogue that you need to get you to the place you deserve.

|Cover Design

This is the essential part of your work, the “special eyes” everyone will remember. If you wish to reach the soul of your public object, then you should transmit what you want in a certain way. My work will impact in the deepest inner self of your audience.​

|Graphic Design

If you need to give an appearance to your business, obtain the perfect poster ...or even if you have any other special need related to graphic design, count on me! I can adapt myself to your needs just to get the best of your project.​



As any good book, every story has an interesting beginning. If you like the way I work, contact me, so we can meet ourselves and you can then tell me how can I help you.


Once I know what you want, I'll let you know what my suggestions are. When we have an agreement... the emotion begins! In this fase we will work hand in hand with your idea to make things get their own path.


Because every story has an ending and I hope this could be the bes of the ending you can get to be completely satisfied. This is when our design project materialize and come into being. Now is time to enjoy... let's hope a second part will be on the way!

“To start a project means working side by side. In my job your our own satisfaction is as much important as it could be mine.”